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Whale Buys PEPE, Could This Spark Long-Term Gains?

• A whale recently purchased a large amount of PEPE tokens.
• The tokens were transferred to a secure multisig wallet, suggesting a long-term investment.
• Despite the positive sentiment, metrics like the Realized Market Cap Hodl Waves suggest mixed feelings about PEPE’s long-term growth potential.

Whale Movement

A recent purchase of 173 billion PEPE tokens by pseudonymous trader “osf_rekt” was reported by Lookonchain. This is not the first time that this trader has bought the memecoin and it is believed that the purchase is part of a decision to HODL for a long period. The acquired tokens were sent to a multisig wallet, which implies that the investor intends to keep them safe from exploits and hold them in the longer term.

Investor Sentiment

Despite this bullish action, investor sentiment around PEPE has remained relatively unchanged since July began and there have been mixed feelings about whether it can achieve long-term gains or not. For instance, Santiment reported that supply outside exchanges has been steady at 270 trillion during this period and metrics like Realized Market Cap Hodl Waves are also inconclusive on the matter.

Price Performance

PEPE’s value has increased considerably over the past 30 days with an impressive 64.34% growth rate. This surge in price could be attributed to other events taking place within its network such as new developments or partnerships being formed. Nevertheless, only time will tell if these gains can be sustained in the longer term or if they will eventually taper off and die down once again.


It remains uncertain whether or not PEPE will be able to achieve any lasting success as an altcoin due to conflicting market signals and investors’ mixed views on its potential for growth in the future. However, one thing is certain: whales continue showing unwavering optimism towards PEPE by investing large amounts into it regardless of what everyone else thinks or does with their own holdings of this memecoin.


The activity of whales in any market should always be taken seriously because of their typically high levels of capitalization which makes them capable of swinging prices significantly in either direction depending on their actions; thus making it important for investors to remain vigilant when trying to interpret any signal given off by these traders concerning altcoins such as PEPE before taking any major decisions regarding their own investments into these cryptocurrencies accordingly