Bitcoin mining progress in the last week

Bitcoin’s mining business continues its extensive development around the world as its price advance recovers.

With the price of Bitcoin again above USD 19,000, the advance of the mining of this crypt currency continues unstoppable. As large companies continue to invest their capital in the main virtual currency, the fever for extracting it continues to rise.

In this last particular case, the initiative of Square, the company of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, stands out. This firm has been one of the pioneers in the investment in Bitcoin, obtaining great profits this year 2020. Not satisfied with that, its management is starting to explore with mining.

But, on the other side of the coin, the possibility of a drop in Bitcoin’s price stands out. The fact could be connected to the miners‘ prediction of their intention to sell. In other words, it is likely that the market is on the verge of a massive coin sale by the miners.

Bitcoin’s mining progress in the week

During the last seven days, news related to the advance of the mining of the most popular of the crypto currencies has been abundant. In this summary, we present you with a selection of the five most important pieces of information about this futuristic business. These are the titles:

Square will invest 10 million dollars in green energy for mining.
The risk of massive sales by the miners is the highest in three years.
Province of Pakistan asks the government to legalize Bitcoin mining.
Miners in the province of Yunnan suffer from power cuts by the authorities.
Electricity subsidy for miners in Venezuela will come to an end.

Square not satisfied with Bitcoin profits in 2020

The Square firm of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, after a successful year of forays into cryptology, will now take a new step. In that sense, to the benefit obtained with its decided advance in the capital investment in Bitcoin, now will be added the investment in the mining of this digital currency.

To this end, it was announced that the firm will inject 10 million US dollars into green energy. With the creation of this infrastructure, the mining process will begin for a firm that just this year took the first step and chose to invest part of its funds in Bitcoin.

The other objective of the firm, they explained in a statement, is „to support companies that help drive the adoption of renewable energies within Bitcoin mining. It should be noted that the announced infrastructure would be ready by 2030.

Risk of massive Bitcoin sales at the gates

Another news related to the advance of Bitcoin’s mining business that impacted the week, is a possible massive sale. In this case, it is information that worries the crypto community, since the rally above 20K could be postponed once again.

The hypothesis is collected from CryptoQuant data, according to which Bitcoin miners are conducting massive sales. The metrics shown by the analysis firm track the magnitude of Bitcoins leaving the miners‘ portfolios. According to it, it’s the highest in three years.

This could suggest that a massive sale of coins is underway. This would negatively affect the price of Bitcoin. However, soon after this metric was known, the price of the pioneer cryptcoin has risen again and seems to be looking for consolidation above 19K.

The massive sales of Bitcoin by the owners of the mining farms could interrupt the price advance of this cryptomon currency. Source: CryptoQuantMassive sales of Bitcoin by the owners of the mining farms could interrupt the price advance of this crypt currency.

Bitcoin and Mining in Countries with High Electricity Costs

Province of Pakistan wants Bitcoin mining legalized

According to local media reports, the legislative body of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province asked the federal government of Pakistan to legalize mining. The report highlights that cryptomonies could be the substitutes for printed money in the future and should therefore begin to be considered by the state.

In his Twitter account, politician and advisor to the ministry of technology, Zia Ullah Bangash, praised the initiative. He explained that it is a firm resolution for „the government to take steps to legalize crypto-money and cryptomining in Pakistan.

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New crypto fund wants to catapult the blockchain scene in Germany forward

It is no secret that the venture capital scene and the financing volumes of start-ups in Europe are comparatively small compared to the USA. This gap is particularly evident in the crypto-economy. There are no larger venture capital firms (VC) in Germany that have focused on blockchain start-ups. The crypto VC Greenfield One from Berlin now wants to change this and has announced the launch of a second crypto fund.

If you consider that there are more blockchain start-ups in Berlin than anywhere else in Europe, it looks rather poor when it comes to VC financing. Although here and there a crypto-start-up takes place, the capital received from a VC – this would, for example Bitwala to mention that recently 15 million euros, among others, Earlybird received – yet most VCs with respect rather subdued block Chain .

Decentralized business models, tokens as a new medium and an ICO bubble from 2017 are still unsettling even experienced investors. But precisely because the crypto industry is only „difficult to grasp“, it promises to multiply the number of companies that VCs dream of. In any case, that was understood in the USA. For example, there is blockchain capital with the VC fundsor a16z, better known under Andreessen Horowitz, powerful VC funds that not only provide sufficient capital, but also networks for the crypto-economy.

Are European start-ups falling behind?

In the Europe-wide Blockchain Innovation Center Berlin, you can dream not only of the sums, but also of the additional help provided by the American VCs. The network in Berlin is more of an informal one, shaped by meetups and less by financially strong venture capital companies that are building blockchain ecosystems with force and determination.

This also has its appeal, but there is a risk that history will repeat itself, i.e. it is the American blockchain start-ups that set the standards, as in the platform economy through Facebook and Google. In order to counter this, the Berlin VC Greenfield One would like to make a decisive contribution to „Crypto in Europe“.

Greenfield One: Not just money, but also an ecosystem

The early stage crypto VC based in Berlin is launching its second fund with a target volume of 50 million euros in a first closing. The main focus of the second fund is on the blockchain networks and development teams of the mainly European teams. As with Web 2.0, it is about the big picture of Web 3.0.

The first Greenfield One fund was launched in early 2019. Since then, the VC fund has invested in various early-stage start-ups. These include NEAR, Celo, Spacemesh, Vega, Multis, Arweave, Dapper Labs and 1inch. The group of investors in the BaFin-regulated fund includes Bertelsmann Investments, the investment arm of the international media, service and education company, and family offices such as Lennertz & Co. from Hamburg.

VC veteran Sebastian Blum, who founded Greenfield One together with serial founder Jascha Samedi, is sure to BTC-ECHO that a VC with a focus on crypto is needed. “Investors who specialize in one segment can deliver much greater added value,” he emphasizes, pointing out that the “space” is still fairly new and that there is a corresponding lack of know-how in many places. Unfortunately, Sebastian Blum cannot yet give an answer to the question of which investments the second crypto fund is. However, he adds that the announcement should take place this month. More news from the Berlin crypto VC should follow soon.

Russian Prime Minister wants to „civilize“ Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – Outlaws in dungeon

No one is supposed to ignore the law – Russia is one of the countries that does not joke about cryptocurrency regulations, to the point of being already one of the most restrictive. The future that is reserved for Bitcoin Rush and cryptos risks being in the same line of this strict framework, if we are to believe the last words of the Russian Prime Minister.

Cryptocurrencies, yes … but within the framework of the laws

At a recent meeting of the Russian Federation, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin spoke on the hot topic of crypto-assets , and especially their regulation .

Even if it is, for him, out of the question to leave cryptocurrencies in a „wild west“ mode without framing, the Russian Prime Minister at least has the merit of wanting their recognition as full assets:

“[Cryptocurrencies] are a relatively new tool, the interest of which continues to grow, and the government plans to guide the development of this market in a civilized manner, so that the owners of these assets can protect their rights and interests ( …) “

A change in taxation to integrate cryptos into the Russian economy

Mikhail Mishustin is keen to avoid the creation of outlawed “parallel systems” that could harm Russia’s economic ecosystem at all costs .

However, the politician confirms the desire to consider crypto-assets as goods , with the legal protections that this brings, but also the resulting tax obligations :

“We should make a number of changes to our tax code. Digital financial assets will be recognized as property there, and their owners will be able to count on legal protection in the event of illegal acts, as well as defend their property rights in court. “

In short, as long as crypto owners stick to the nails – tight and straight – of the law, they can enjoy their assets. On the other hand, for those who would try to get out of the traced path, a new law in preparation provides for fines and even prison terms . This can go up to 3 years of imprisonment if large sums of cryptocurrency are not declared to the Russian tax authorities.

Even if Russia does not want to miss out on the revolution that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency brings, it will not make any concessions. Things will be done properly, and too bad if it greatly damages decentralization and privacy, which were just among the main benefits of cryptoassets.

$ 10K Bitcoin viser motstandsdyktighet overfor BitMex-drama, KuCoin Hack, og nå dette

Bitcoin-prisen er for tiden tilbake over $ 10 500, og holder på etter en kort krasj til under $ 10 400 på hælene til flere stykker ekstremt negative nyheter.  De siste nyhetene ville normalt være nok til å sende kryptomarkedet sammen, og fremheve hvor motstandsdyktig støtte på $ 10.000 har vært så langt.

Bitcoin Price holder seg sterkt på $ 10.000, viser fleksibilitet i møte med BitMEX-saken, KuCoin Hack

Profit Revolution-prisen kan ha falt 20% fra toppene i 2020, men kryptovalutaen ligger fortsatt over det viktigste støttenivået på $ 10.000. Dette nivået fungerte som motstand gjennom hele bjørnemarkedet i 2019 og var en viktig FOMO-utløser på vei opp i 2017.

Når kryptovalutaen gikk tilbake under den i 2018, brukte den imidlertid veldig lite tid i prishistorikken over den. Inntil nå.

Bitcoin har nå brukt de siste to månedene over det sentrale motstandsnivået som ble støttet, og det har vist utrolig motstandsdyktighet i møte med negative nyheter som normalt vil føre til at eiendelens pris faller.

I går brøt nyheten om at CTO for BitMEX ble arrestert og resten av teamet traff med en rekke anklager fra CFTC og USAs justisdepartement. Den kjente handelsplattformen for kryptovaluta-derivater er beryktet over hele markedet for å avvikle “rekt” -handlere som mister Bitcoin i prosessen.

Selskapets administrerende direktør har også spilt rollen som skurk godt, overfor Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini som bare satte søkelyset på Hayes ‚frekke og dristige holdning til regulering.

Populær kryptovalutautveksling KuCoin ble også hacket for millioner i krypto, for det meste ERC20-tokens, og det var knapt et blip i Bitcoins prisdiagram mellom dem.

Et fall på totalt $ 400 totalt kom fra nyhetene, og så skjedde en annen sjokkerende vri, som kryptoaktiva også har holdt overraskende bra fra.

Ikke engang USAs president Trump som fanger COVID, kunne ta ned Crypto-eiendelen

Over natten og tidlig på morgenen ble det avslørt at USAs president Donald J. Trump og hans kone Melania hadde en bekreftet positiv test for COVID. Aksjemarkedsfutures falt på nyhetene, og det samme gjorde Bitcoin.

Gull skyte i været over $ 1900 en unse på nyhetene, og til slutt begynte Bitcoin å følge. Kryptovalutaen handler igjen over $ 10 500 etter at nyheten om at presidenten ble offer for pandemien knapt forårsaket en rask $ 100-dukkert.

Det er ikke klart hva som plutselig forårsaker denne utrolige styrken og motstandsdyktigheten i støtte på $ 10.000, men etter denne nylig månedlige og kvartalsvise lukkingen kan okser være for selvsikker i oppside til å la støttenivået gli igjen.

Pagamentos de seguro de resgate podem violar as sanções

  • Empresas de seguros que pagam resgates em nome de empresas hackeadas podem se ver penalizadas por lidar com países sancionados
  • O Tesouro advertiu que o pagamento de um resgate a um grupo ligado a um país sancionado poderia ser considerado uma violação das sanções e resultar em um processo
  • Hackers da Coréia do Norte e russos têm sido pagos nos últimos anos, ambos sancionados

Empresas de seguros que pagam criminosos cibernéticos em nome de empresas em caso de pedido de resgate poderiam estar violando sanções, de acordo com o Departamento do Tesouro dos Estados Unidos. Uma série de hacks seguidos de exigências de resgate nos últimos anos resultou no pagamento do resgate por companhias de seguro, tipicamente em Bitcoin, mas o Tesouro agora advertiu que se for provado que os hackers estão vinculados a países da lista de sanções dos EUA, então as companhias de seguro poderão enfrentar duras sanções.

O seguro de resgate precisava mais do que nunca

O aviso às companhias de seguros veio do Escritório do Tesouro de Controle de Ativos Estrangeiros (OFAC) e da Rede de Execução de Crimes Financeiros (FinCEN) e referenciou o crescente número de casos de resgates onde os pagamentos são exigidos em Bitcoin.

As demandas de pagamento de resgate aumentaram durante a pandemia de coronavírus, pois cada vez mais pessoas têm trabalhado a partir de casa, permitindo que os hackers visem os sistemas online de forma mais eficaz. A Reuters coloca a média de pagamentos de resgate do segundo trimestre em $178.254, um salto de 60% em relação ao primeiro trimestre.

Países sancionados Hackers proeminentes

O aviso do Tesouro não é uma ameaça ociosa. É bem conhecido que a Coréia do Norte é um hacker cibernético proeminente, com seu grupo Lazarus patrocinado pelo Estado trazendo centenas de milhões de dólares através de pedidos de resgate e de pirataria de moedas criptográficas nos últimos anos.

A OFAC citou ciberataques que datam de 2015 e que posteriormente foram rastreados por hackers na Coréia do Norte e na Rússia, dois países sancionados, e enfatizou que empresas que se envolvem com países sancionados ou certos indivíduos desses países podem enfrentar processos e penalidades.

O lembrete coloca as empresas de seguros em uma posição difícil e pode resultar em cobertura relacionada ao resgate, deixando as empresas que seguram o bebê no caso de serem hackeados.

Illegale Transaktionen mit Bitcoin (BTC),

Illegale Transaktionen mit Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) und Litecoin (LTC) bringen Handelsunternehmen in Schwierigkeiten mit der CFTC

Eine Handelsfirma steht unter Beschuss, nachdem sie fremdfinanzierten Handel mit Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) und Litecoin (LTC) angeboten hat

  • Illegale Margin-Geschäfte
  • Die Krypto-Industrie fest im Griff

Am 28. September wurde das Handelsunternehmen Laino Group Limited (das unter dem Namen PaxForex tätig ist) von der CFTC mit einer zivilrechtlichen Durchsetzungsklage geschlagen.

Die in St. Vincent ansässige Firma, die auch auf den Grenadinen registriert ist, bot laut Bitcoin Era angeblich fremdfinanzierten Handel mit Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) und sogar Edelmetallen an, ohne sich als Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) bei der Rohstoffaufsichtsbehörde registrieren zu lassen.

Illegale Margin-Geschäfte

PaxForex wird beschuldigt, den Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) verletzt zu haben, der den Rohstoffhandel auf Bundesebene regelt.

Obwohl die Firma außerhalb der USA registriert ist, hat sie Geschäfte mit amerikanischen Kleinanlegern über lokale Mitarbeiter und Agenten abgewickelt.

Die Beklagte akzeptierte Bargeld und Wertpapiere sowie die oben genannten Rohstoffe im Tausch gegen Margin-Trades.

Durch Durchsetzungsmaßnahmen versucht die CFTC, illegal erhaltene Gelder vom Übeltäter zurückzugeben und PaxForex während des Gerichtsverfahrens zur Zahlung zusätzlicher Strafen zu zwingen. Das Unternehmen wird außerdem dauerhaft vom Handel ausgeschlossen.

Dieses Durchgreifen hat weitreichendere Auswirkungen auf die Kryptogeldindustrie, da die CFTC erneut bestätigt hat, dass sie BTC, ETH und LTC als Waren anerkennt.

CFTC-Vorsitzender schlägt vor dem Senat haussierende Töne an, Bitcoin-Preis steigt

Die Krypto-Industrie fest im Griff

James McDonald von der CFTC behauptet, dass sich die Behörde weiterhin für die Durchsetzung von Vorschriften einsetzt. Jeder, der beabsichtigt, einer bestimmten Firma, deren Registrierung fehlt, Gelder zuzusagen, sollte dies als rote Flagge betrachten:

Diese Aktion zeigt das fortgesetzte Engagement der CFTC, dafür zu sorgen, dass sich Unternehmen, die fremdfinanzierte Einzelhandelsgeschäfte in unserem Zuständigkeitsbereich anbieten – einschließlich solcher, die digitale Vermögenswerte betreffen – bei der CFTC registrieren lassen.

Es ist bei weitem nicht das einzige kryptografisch orientierte Unternehmen, das in diesem Jahr den Zorn der Regulierungsbehörden auf sich gezogen hat. Wie U.Today berichtete, kündigten die CFTC und die SEC parallele Durchsetzungsmaßnahmen gegen die in Kalifornien ansässige Investitionsplattform Abra an, weil sie bereits im Juli illegal sicherheitsbasierte Swaps angeboten hatte.

Sechs PlusToken-Betrüger in China angeklagt

Sechs Personen im Zusammenhang mit dem PlusToken Kryptowährung Ponzi – Schema wurden mit ihren Rollen in dem $ 6000000000 geladen Betrug von nach der Massenverhaftung mehr als 100 Menschen in diesem Jahr. In den ersten Anklagen im Zusammenhang mit dem Betrug, der im Mai 2018 begann, wurden die sechs Verdächtigen des „Verdachts der Organisation und Führung von kriminellen Pyramidensystemen“ beschuldigt. Mit 27 im Juli verhafteten Führungskräften und weiteren 82 kürzlich festgenommenen Promotoren werden diese Fälle wahrscheinlich weit von den letzten im Zusammenhang mit dem PlusToken-Betrug entfernt sein.

Hunderte von Verhaftungen weltweit

Die chinesischen Behörden gaben die Anklage über eine Regierungswebsite bekannt und sagten lediglich, dass Chen Shaofeng, Liu Hua, Lv Qinghai, Jin Xinghai, Yin Wang und Zhang Qin beschuldigt wurden, beim Betrieb des Pyramidensystems von Mai 2018 bis August 2019 mitgewirkt zu haben fast 200.000 ₿ und 6,4 Millionen ETH.

PlusToken war chinesischen Ursprungs, obwohl der Großteil der Operationen im Ausland durchgeführt wurde. Im Juli 2019 wurde das Nervenzentrum auf der Insel Vanuatu vor der australischen Ostküste durchsucht. Dort wurden sechs Personen festgenommen (nicht diejenigen, die dies getan haben) angeklagt), wobei die von chinesischen Ermittlern gesammelten Informationen zu Hunderten weiterer Verhaftungen im Jahr 2020 führten.

Schicksal der PlusToken-Fonds unbekannt

Große Ausverkäufe von PlusToken waren in den Jahren 2019 und 2020 mit marktweiten Dumps verbunden. Da sich die PlusToken-Geldbörsen seit Juni nicht mehr bewegt haben, scheinen die Betrüger möglicherweise endlich den Zugang zu ihren unrechtmäßigen Gewinnen verloren zu haben. Was jetzt mit den Geldern passiert, ist unbekannt, insbesondere wenn niemand darauf zugreifen kann. Es ist unwahrscheinlich, dass die Behörden ohne Hilfe der Betrüger Zugang erhalten.

Le prix BTC se dirige vers une hausse, disent les analystes de la cryptographie

Après avoir fait face à un rejet intense dans le trading d’hier, les taureaux de la BTC ont catalysé un élan aujourd’hui.

La crypto supérieure voit actuellement un certain avantage car elle a gagné un support au niveau de 11100 $ pour effacer les pertes observées lors de la baisse d’hier.

Cette baisse a fait passer la BTC d’un sommet de 11,6 K $ à un creux de 11150 $ au milieu d’intenses turbulences sur le marché et d’une vente induite par la Fed

Une correction similaire s’est produite il y a trois jours lorsque BTC est tombé d’un sommet de près de 12000 $ et a finalement atteint un creux de 11100 $ avant de voir une hausse.

Encore une fois, la zone des 11100 $ a été confirmée aujourd’hui comme un support solide pour la paire BTCUSD en raison des haussiers qui se gardent avec zèle d’une cassure en dessous de ce niveau.

La plus grande crypto au monde a augmenté de 2% au cours des dernières 24 heures pour s’échanger à 11457 $ pendant le temps de presse.

Les perspectives à long terme de la BTC sont solides

Le fort soutien mentionné ci-dessus s’avère très important car il a été testé à plusieurs reprises dans le passé

Et maintenant, l’analyste Teddy Cleps voit la défense de ce niveau comme un signe favorable aux taureaux , tweetant que les taureaux semblent déterminés à ne pas clôturer en dessous de 11 100 $.

Un autre passionné de BTC, «The Crypto Cactus», a également affirmé que la défense continue de la zone inférieure à 11 000 $ démontre que les perspectives de la BTC à échéance élevée (HTF) sont incroyablement fortes.

Faisant référence à son tableau ci-dessous, il a commenté :

„BTC / USD: toujours aucune raison de paniquer, le HTF semble toujours bon pour une autre étape vers le haut, si nous voyons le soutien être retiré, 10 500 $ pourraient être les suivants.“

Le prix du BTC pourrait monter en flèche vers 15K $

BTC se tient actuellement au-dessus d’un support hebdomadaire important, suscitant beaucoup d’optimisme quant à son action imminente des prix.

Outre les deux analystes mentionnés ci-dessus qui voient des signes haussiers dans la structure du marché de l’actif, un autre analyste estime que la prochaine étape pourrait «dépasser» les cibles les plus conservatrices si elle parvient à franchir les 12 000 $.

Si BTCUSD clôture la semaine au-dessus de ce niveau clé, Vinny Lingham, responsable du projet de crypto Civic, est optimiste que l’actif cryptographique phare montera en flèche vers 15000 $ .

Blockchain technology could have a positive impact on public services

There are more and more advances around the application of the Blockchain technology as well as new opportunities that it generates in the public sector. In this context, this technology could have a positive impact on public services. Thus, the European project TOKEN will help to apply Blockchain and other DLT technologies in the management of this sector.

The design of a digital strategy based on blockchain that allows the adoption of public management in a sustainable way in time is fundamental to achieve a transformation programme that facilitates the identification of the immediate challenges in this sector and to achieve greater effectiveness, efficiency and agility of the institutions.

Blockchain technology could improve land transport powered by natural gas
All this, in order to be able to create the necessary structures and functions to respond to the needs of citizens in a new phase of public management after the implementation of eGovernment.

In this sense, the project H2020 TOKEN (Transformative Impact Of BlocKchain tEchnologies iN Public Services), in which the University of Cantabria and Santander City Council are participating together with partners from seven other European countries, studies the scope of the application of these technologies to public services. The DLT technologies (Distributed Ledger Technology), with Blockchain are the most known flags to improve these processes.

For some years, Santander City Council has been developing an ecosystem of sensors, data and communications equipment based on a „chain of blocks“ or „blockchain“ to address an open and collaborative governance approach. This is a digital technology that guarantees the veracity of operations via the Internet.

Following the EU’s call for assistance to refugees from Venezuela, the use of Blockchain technology could ensure transparency

Project TOKEN
However, this European project, called TOKEN, will analyse the transformative impact of „block chain“ technologies on public services.

According to what has been reported, the City Council is a proposal within the framework of the current European Union research funding programme, which was presented in March 2019. The TOKEN project to be developed by Santander will last 32 months.

The TOKEN team is currently working with public employees and managers, measuring their perception of how the administration reacts to these applications and also the experience of citizens as end users.

The partners working on this project are IT / RTO developers with experience in the development of blockchain / IoT components and Big Data platforms among others, which will develop a platform with the blockchain as a service solution (BCPaaS) to be tested in four highly replicable application areas that are common to many public governments in Europe.

This South Korean city is spending millions of dollars to turn people into experts in blockchain technology

These areas are: Distribution of public funds, management of public accounts, urban logistics and data recovery. The implementation of the BCPaaS will be evaluated from a multidimensional perspective (technological, cultural, socioeconomic and legal impacts), paying special attention to the attitudes shown by public servants, as key people in the provision of public services. These areas are being tested since last January and until the end of 2022.

In short, it is a question of providing services that create value thanks to a technology that makes it possible to record, share and synchronize transactions and data among multiple users and in multiple locations, creating a decentralized environment in which information circulates, but is protected and, at the same time, is transparent.

The researchers find that „public managers have resistance, but they are also able to see the potential benefits: reducing intermediation and bureaucracy, improving coordination, relying more on the information available and allowing citizens to be active, demanding more quality in public services,“ explained Daniel Díaz Fuentes, director of the UC’s International Applied Economics and Economic Policy Group. The challenge in this scenario is the readjustment of public administrations, which will have to have qualified personnel to